Sierra Ferrell Releases Flawless Cover Of Ray LaMontagne’s “Hey Me, Hey Mama”

Sierra Ferrell is back with another kickass cover.

This time, it’s her version of Ray LaMontagne’s song “Hey Me, Hey Mama,” from his 2008 third studio album, Gossip in the Grain.

“Ray LaMontagne is a HUGE inspiration to me. His heart, his voice, his soul stands out. Honestly my music wouldn’t be the same with him.”

Sierra is a name you need to know, as she recently released her debut album, Long Time Coming, that landed in the top 20 of our 2021 top country albums list at number 16.

The West Virginia native is blowing up with her unique look and style of music that is absolutely fascinating. She grew up listening to bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and fuses different aspects of country, blues, jazz and more to create her own sound she uses to tell stories that are uniquely Appalachian.

Not long ago, she also did an incredible cover of The Foggy Mountain Boys’ “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down” that you should definitely check out, too.

The original:

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