Woman Crashes Car Through Frozen River, But Stops To Take A Selfie From The Roof Of Sinking Car

People in the snow

We are now 18 days into 2022, and we have some early frontrunners for moron of the year…

This woman may take the cake so far.

According to Daily Mail, a Canadian woman had the bright idea of driving over the frozen Rideau River outside of Ottawa.

Of course, this ended terribly as the car fell through the ice, and it began to sink.

And how does she respond?

Ya know, she snaps a few selfies from the roof of the car.

She appeared panicked while snapping the photos as nearby neighbors grabbed a kayak and came out to save her.

In the video posted to social media, you can hear her casually say:

“Oh well, I guess I’ll walk.”

Neighbors say they saw her absolutely fly across the ice at insane speed, and after the car fell through and sank, she denied any medical attention from paramedics. Police arrived at 4:30 PM and charged her with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, although driving on ice isn’t illegal.

The Ottawa Police said in a statement:

“This portion of the river has thin ice compared to other areas of the river. Ice conditions at this time of the year can be unpredictable.

The Ottawa Police Service would like to remind residents to stay off the ice and remember ‘No Ice is Safe Ice.'”

There is still no word on what the hell the woman was doing, or where she was coming from.

Man, ya just can’t fix stupid.


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