Las Vegas Michael Jackson Impersonator Obliterates Random Dude Trying To Pick A Fight With Him

Michael Jackson impersonator

Vegas, man…

Imagine walking through your local shopping mall, just minding your own business, and next thing you know you see Michael Jackson putting a beatdown on some dude.

Sounds like a weird ass dream (or just your average Tuesday in Las Vegas), but recently, a popular Michael Jackson impersonator handled his business on Freemont Street after a random dude attacked him.

The impersonator, Santana Jackson, also happens to be a pro wrestler, shared his side of the story on Instagram:

“That’s why I train, I’m not trying to hurt this guy just trying to restrain him from swinging at me.

So, I was performing and this guy came out of nowhere and started hitting me so I have to put him down for his own good. Please know I don’t think fighting is the answer so try to avoid a fight if you can. Stay safe.”

First off, let’s observe the guy in the green shirt’s strategy here…

Terrible base, and throwing the windmill punches in an act of “intimidation.”

Needless to say, the MJ impersonator was not phased one bit, as he laughed for a minute and took the guy to the ground in 0.2 seconds.

However, the impersonator was about to make sure this random dude didn’t leave alive.

He held him in a headlock for a HOT minute, but my guy wasn’t tapping out.

Pick your fights wisely, brother.

Can I get a “HEE HEE.”

Also, can’t help but think of this scene from Scary Movie 3… Charlie Sheen, Kevin Hart, Anna Faris… what a movie.

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