Eagles Fans Throws Buccaneers Fan Down Stairs, Immediately Eats Barrage Of Fists In WILD Brawl

A football player holding a flag

We’ve seen an absurd amount of fights break out throughout this whole NFL season.

Week after week, there’s one dude getting his absolute teeth kicked in by another, or several.

With that being said, we knew that things could get WILD once the playoffs rolled around, especially with the season on the line, and emotions are running high.

There were about six or seven different fights at the Cowboys/49’ers game last night that we know of, and now, we’ve got some footage of an INSANE brawl at the Buccaneers/Eagles game.

There’s not much info about this one, but it appears an Eagles fan and a Bucs fan were talking a little shit, and decided to meet halfway.

Before the Bucs fan had a chance to say another word, the Eagles fan grabbed him by the neck and SLUNG him down the stairs as beer was flying everywhere.

However, the Bucs fan wasn’t backing down, and his buddies had his back.

He came right back up and started landing punch after punch, and a few random fans got caught in the middle of it as well.

Now I love the high quality entertainment here, but where in the hell was security?

Not a soul in sight…

But once we get another angle at the bottom, it’s clear that this Eagles fan made a BIG mistake… dude’s just eatin’ fists.

And another one for fun…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock