Fans React To The Dallas Cowboys Losing Their Wild Card Game In The Most Cowboys Way Imaginable

Cowboys fans

Spain, but the S is silent…

Who was I, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, to think that this was the year?

It’s a broken record, we’re constantly fed all of this hype in the offseason year in and year out, and after 17 games, I can’t believe I was telling myself that we “had all the pieces” to make it to the Super Bowl.

After going down 23-7, things were looking bleak going into the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49’ers.

However, the ‘Boys stormed back, and made it a game in the 4th quarter…

And then… a fucking quarterback draw with 10 seconds on the clock? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Only the Dallas Cowboys could end their season on a quarterback draw as time expires…

Ballgame Niners… 23-17.

On the other hand, I can’t help but giggle a little at these tweets following the game. It’s the only thing to help me keep my sanity, right?

I’ve been laughing out loud while I pound whiskey and listen to Koe Wetzel’s “Drunk Driving” on repeat for the past 30 minutes.


And finally, the tweet that summarizes me:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock