Buffalo Bills Fan Throws A Sex Toy Onto The Field After A Patriots Touchdown

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One thing we know for certain, is that Buffalo Bills fans, aka the Bills Mafia, are a different breed.

Back in 2016, a sex toy found its way onto the field at Highmark Stadium (then New Era Stadium) during a game against the Patriots, one of the more obscure objects we’ve ever seen thrown onto the field during an NFL game.

But then it happened again in 2017, and 2018…

And here we are again… the phallic tradition is back.

In the midst of Buffalo’s wild 47-17 route of the New England Patriots in the AFC Wildcard round last night, we saw a flying dildo fall into the end zone in the third quarter after a New England touchdown by Kendrick Bourne.

The Bills were up 33-10 at that point, but the Mafia don’t want anybody to score… just a shame they had to wait until the third quarter to chuck that thing on the field.

I mean, can you imagine holding that in your pocket all game… just waiting for them to score?

Also, peep the Patriots social media… they made sure to delete the clip of the touchdown and then repost an edited clip… sans dildo.

Needless to say, if they catch the guy who threw it, I’m sure he’ll be banned for life.

Then again, there’s no taming the Bills Mafia…

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