Giovannie & The Hired Guns Drop New “Can’t Answer Why” Music Video

I can’t get enough of Giovannie and the Hired Guns’ latest single, “Can’t Answer Why.”

The Texas rockers are known for writing a banger or two (or twelve), but lead singer Giovannie Yanez can also write some emotional, deep-cutting songs as well…

And that’s exactly what you get with “Can’t Answer Why.”

It’s a song of reflection, as Yanez sings about how sometimes you are your own worst enemy. An encouraging reminder that sometimes when the anxiety and the doubt creeps in, all you need to do is just relax.

It’s perfectly summed up in the chorus:

“Sometimes I feel a little crazy
Sometimes I feel a little lazy
But I think I just need some rest
Sometimes I think a little too much
Sometimes I drink a little too much
Sometimes I can cross that line
And I can’t answer why.”

With that being said, the band dropped the official music video to the song today.

In the video, it shows a kid on the playground playing with his superhero action figures, when he sees a girl he has a crush on across the playground.

However, a few bullies walk up and pick on him and beat him up. But then, he’s able to get the superpowers from his favorite superhero action figure, and he takes on the bullies one by one.

Check it out.

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