I Guess Vanilla Ice Is A Country Rapper Now… And It May Be The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Vanilla ice country music

How did I not know this existed?

We all remember Vanilla Ice, right? Or even if you don’t remember him from your childhood, you at least know who he is thanks to “Ice Ice Baby.”

I mean, that one stupid song is the only reason anybody really knows who Vanilla Ice is nowadays.

So somehow, I missed the fact that Vanilla Ice is now a country rapper.

And if you thought, “Ice Ice Baby” was bad, woo boy…

This one is called… wait for it… “Rodeo.”

Honestly, if his name wasn’t on the videos I would have no idea that was Vanilla Ice.

I would probably think it was a new Sacha Baron Cohen character or something, like somebody making fun of country rap.

This one is called… “Ride The Horse.”

Real bad.

It’s the kind of stuff that’ll make you look back at Lil Nas X and “Old Town Road” and get nostalgic for the good ol’ days of “country rap.” The kind of music that almost makes you want to turn on Florida Georgia Line’s “Swerve” as a palate cleanser. I mean, “Ice Ice Baby” was at least in that “so bad it’s good” territory, but not this.

This is just BAD.

So bad that the question has to be asked: are these the worst “country” songs of all time?

They have to at least be in the conversation, right?

Holy shit…

But… for old time’s sake…

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