Koe Wetzel, Zach Bryan, & More To Play Auburn Rodeo

A man and woman sitting in front of a blue and orange banner

The Auburn Rodeo is making MOVES.

Just announced today, the annual rodeo/concert event at Sistrunks Farms in Opelika, Aalabama, is back with an absolutely stacked line-up, with the Texas trio of Koe Wetzel, Kolby Cooper and Pecos & The Rooftops being joined by none other than Zach Bryan.

Fans were calling for a Zach and Koe collaborations a few months ago, and sharing the stage is a helluva start.

For as sonically different as their music is, the overlap in fanbases is strong. Both artists are able to tap into fans’ deepest emotions (especially the hopeful sadness that comes when you’ve had a few too many), and both have created fanbases that are so loyal, so die-hard, that this concert is going to be absolutely incredible… there’s no way around it.

Throw in Kolby Cooper and Pecos in the mix and fans are going to be DEEP in their feels all night long.

As for the rodeo, you can expect bareback, saddle bronc, bull riding, and a wild donkey relay race. I’m slowly but surely getting into the rodeo world, but I’ll cheer for anything with a few cold Busch Lights in the belly.

Texting the girlfriend as we speak to see if she wants to take a trip to War Eagle country… I need to be there for this.

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