Chris Stapleton Says Nobody Can Predict Which Songs Will Be A Hit: “Those Guys Are Full Of Sh*t”

Chris Stapleton country music

Let me state the obvious real quick…

Chris Stapleton is not only one of the greatest songwriters in country music, but one of the greatest in all of music right now.

Throw in the fact he’s one of the best vocalists/musicians in the game, it’s no surprise that everybody on God’s green Earth is looking to do a song with him. I mean, everybody from Ed Sheeran to Taylor Swift, Adele, Carlos Santana, Morgan Wallen to Metallica… he’s in HIGH demand.

However, as stellar of a songwriter as Stapleton is, he admits that he doesn’t have that “sixth sense” when it comes to knowing if he’s written a number one or not.

In fact, he believes that anybody who says they do, is “full of shit.”

The man has an upcoming 60 Minutes segment dropping this Sunday on CBS, and in a short teaser of the interview, he answers when he knows a song is gonna do well:

“I don’t think I ever know that, the win is finishing the song.

There are a lot of songwriters that claim, ‘Yeah, I knew the instant we wrote this that it was a six-week No. 1, and I was going to get a big, giant check in the mail.’

I really just think those guys are full of shit. I don’t think anybody knows that.”

He also admits that even with computer research and analytics, it still all comes down to the people’s opinion:

“You can’t possibly know how everybody is going to feel about a song that you write. That’s impossible to know.

I don’t trust computer research or phone surveys or anything like that… you have to take it to the people. I trust people. And I trust people who have taste.”


Stapleton is notoriously a soft-spoken guy, so you love to see the man let it rip and tell us all how he really feels.

And the song featured in that promo?

None other than “Whiskey & You,” a cut from his 2015 album, Traveller.

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