Aaron Lewis Releases Spiritual New Single, “Everybody Talks To God”

Eric Englund

Let’s be honest, Aaron Lewis is a polarizing figure, one of the artists that probably lands in the “love him or hate him” category. A staunch Conservative, that love him or hate him probably falls strictly along party lines.

Although controversial at times, I at least have to appreciate the unapologetic honesty.

Sure, a lot of his songs can get political at times (for example, “Am I The Only One” with that nice jab at Bruce Springsteen), but we also know that there is a deeper, even more sensitive side of Lewis when it comes to his country music.

And that’s exactly what we get with his latest single, “Everybody Talks To God.”

The song is an acoustic, fiddle-filled ballad, as he sings about an old man who was praying before eating in a diner. Sure enough, he’s mocked by a fellow diner for talking to a “ghost that don’t exist.”

However, the old man comes right back around, telling him that at one point or another, he’ll have to face God whether he believes in Him or not.

A moving song no doubt, and it continues to show the versatility of Lewis’ music.

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