Jon Pardi Releases Live Performance Version Of “Tequila Little Time”

Do we need more accordion in country music?

The answer is yes…

Jon Pardi just released another live performance version of “Tequila Little Time,” and even though I’ve heard it a million times by now, the forward presence of the accordion really gives this performance something special… more of a Tiki Bar, live band kind of feel.

“Tequila Little Time” was originally a single from his 2019 Heartache Medication album, and while that entire album was pretty great and I do enjoy this song, I have to ask, when are we going to get something new, Jon?

We’ve loved the sound and style you’ve brought back to country music for a while now, but it’s closing in on three years since we’ve heard anything other than your last album. We’d love to crank up some new Pardi music (pun clearly intended), but so far all we’ve gotten is a Metallica cover (which is super badass) and the Ranch Fiesta Sessions (also badass), but…

I need some new Jon Pardi tunes in my life, Jon… I need ’em bad.

Here’s to hoping for some new music in 2022.

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A beer bottle on a dock