It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than George Strait Singing Merle Haggard

The King covering The Hag…

If it gets better than this I haven’t found it…

A few years back at a show in Las Vegas, George Strait decided to honor the legend that is the great Merle Haggard while paying a guitar modeled after the one Merle himself played.

He broke out the all-time classic “Mama Tried” (is it even a Merle tribute if you don’t sing that one?) along with the fan-favorite “Working Man’s Blues.” Safe to say, the crowd was LOVING it.

I sure wouldn’t mind a George Strait Sings Merle album or something like that… just saying.

A tip of the cap to both of these legends… country music owes them more than what can be paid.

And then in 2018, he honored The Hag once again with “Sing Me Back Home,” in New Orleans.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock