Zach Bryan’s Unreleased “She’s Alright” Is A Certified Tear-Jerker

Zach Bryan country music
Samuel Elkins

I know, I know, he’s taking his time and doing it right and all of that…

But man I CANNOT wait for this Zach Bryan album.

From the songs posted to YouTube like “Ninth Cloud” and “Sober Side Of Sorry”, to ones teased on socials like “The Good I’ll Do,” to the seemingly already fan-favorite “Something In The Orange,” this is shaping up to be something spectacular.

Well, there’s another one to add to the list and it sure seems right at home with the others…

Called “She’s Alright,” the song honors his late mother, and finds him wishing she was around to see him navigate this rollercoaster of success he’s found himself on as of late. Introspective as always, he contemplates the type of life he lives and person he is, and he laments the fact that she’s the one person that truly knows him in a sea of strangers, yet deep down, he finds reassurance that everything is gonna be alright.

At least, that’s my take of it…

Sung while wearing a Philadelphia Phillies hat (my team, let’s go) and referencing the city my girlfriend is from, yeah this one is just fantastic…

“And I threw up on a corner in Philadelphia
She said boy there ain’t no real point in helping ya
The only thing you’ve ever owned
Was high hopes and a pocket comb, you fool

Don’t act like you know who I am
Cause the more I explain the less you understand.”

Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready for it, Zach.

And you bet you’re ass I’ll be drinking Busch Lights and bourbon, crying to every song.

“‘She’s Alright.’ Wrote this one and called my sister and I couldn’t get through it the first few times.

It means the world to me and so do you guys. Thank you!”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock