Zach Bryan’s Gold Mine Of Unreleased Tracks Like “Blue”, “S.O.S.” And More Will Get You PUMPED For That Next Album

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Samuel Elkins

Zach Bryan has all of us on the edge of our seats waiting for the official release date of his next album.

We know he’s been working hard trying to make it perfect, and while the waiting game is difficult, it surely will be worth it when that day finally comes.

And I have some proof for ya today.

Zach’s been putting out tons of teasers over on his TikTok page of songs that seem likely to make the final tracklist on his third studio album, in addition to a few others we’ve already heard in part.

Not that his other records haven’t been fantastic, but these songs are just on a different level than anything he’s put out so far. His growth as an artist and songwriter is already apparent in these acoustic videos, and I think what he has coming will be something special.

And my favorite one so far, “Blue,” needs your attention… I’m already dying to hear the full version and I don’t really even know it’s making the final cut for sure:


Break me down and beat me blue.

♬ Blue – Zach Bryan

He also teased an emotional one about his late mother, DeAnn, and said he could hardly get through it the first few times he played it:

“She’s Alright. Wrote this one and called my sister and I couldn’t get through it the first few times. It means the world to me and so do you guys. Thank you!!!”


She’s Alright. Wrote this one and ccalled my sister and I couldn’t get through it the first few times. Its means the world to me and so do you guys. Thank you!!!

♬ original sound – Zach Bryan

Zach did confirm that at least one of them, called “Happy Instead”, IS making the final tracklist:


What if I said, happy instead, is the way that I reckon it should be

♬ Happy Instead – Zach Bryan

Lastly, you need to hear “S.O.S” and “Younger Years”:

“Younger Years”


Enjoying all the pain of younger years. Excited for whats to come, thank you guys so much

♬ Younger Years Zach Bryan – Zach Bryan

It’s hard to imagine 2022 could be even bigger than 2021 was for Zach, especially after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, proceeding to sell out an entire tour and making his Grand Ole Opry debut.

But with this album on the way soon, an upcoming debut at The Ryman Auditorium in February, and likely, another tour at some point over the next several months… I think it very well may be another monster year for the Oklahoma native.

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