South Dakota Teacher Arrested After His Mom Takes Pot Brownies To Her Card Game At A Senior Center

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Sounds like this bridge night was LIT.

A South Dakota man was arrested last week after his mom unknowingly took a batch of freshly baked pot brownies to her card game at the Tabor Senior Center in Tabor, South Dakota.

According to court documents, police received multiple calls on January 4 of a possible poisoning at the senior center. But after a little investigating, it turned out the group of senior citizens weren’t poisoned – they were just high.

Deputies were able to trace the source of the accidental edibles back to a batch of brownies that were brought to the game night by the mother of 46-year old Michael Koranda. Turns out momma sold out her son and told police that Koranda had baked the brownies, and that she didn’t know that they had contained THC.

Officers then went to talk to Koranda, who is a district-wide choir teacher for the Bon Homme School District, while he was at work – at an elementary school. (Try explaining that one to the kids).

He admitted to baking a pan of brownies with approximately half a pound of THC butter that he had recently brought back from a trip to Colorado. His mom then took the brownies to her card game, not knowing that she was about to unknowingly get all the grandmas and grandpas higher than a kite.

Koranda told officers that he had brought a pound of the THC butter back with him, and turned over the other half of a pound as evidence.

He has since been charged with possession of a controlled substance, and was eventually released on bond.

There’s a lesson here folks: Don’t leave your edibles sitting around for your mama to find – no matter how old you are.

Just because they grew up in the 60s and 70s doesn’t mean they can handle them like you can. Not all old folks are as experienced with the weed as Willie Nelson.

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