Kat Hasty Teases New Song “Movin’ On,” Says She’s Making An Album This Month

Kat Hasty - country music

Kat Hasty is blessing us with TWO great updates to kickoff our Wednesday morning…

She’s giving us an update on what’s coming with her debut studio album, saying they’re working on it this month, and teasing a brand new song.

She posted a demo on Twitter yesterday of the track, “Movin’ On,” and if it’s indication of what’s coming on the full-length record, we’re in for somethin’ GOOD.

It’s a bluesy, resilient song about persevering through life’s struggles and doing the best you can every day:

“There’s pain pills by my bedside, 
There’s blood dried in my nose,
There’s a faint scent of a man,
Who always comes and goes,
Who am I this time around,
I’m not sure that I know,

Maybe I can throw it all out,
There’s plenty of time to grow,
Rock bottom ain’t a bad place to start,
I’m not givin’ when life gets hard”

I can’t wait to hear the full-length version of it:

“Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re making a record this month girls and dudes.”

If you haven’t checked out her music yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

So far, she only has a couple singles out along with a very successful three-part EP, Drowning In Dreams, and has grown an impressive grassroots fanbase down in Texas, despite not being able to tour all that much over the last couple years.

And not only does she have great music and a very unique voice, she’s a mom who keeps it real and is someone I can’t wait to see take off in the Texas music scene with whatever she has coming this year.

Mostly, though, I’m excited to hear the whole prequel to her fan-favorite song “Where The Wildflowers Lay”:

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