Jesse Keith Whitley: “I Wish Jason Isbell Would Shut The F*** Up”

Jason Isbell playing a guitar next to a man holding a guitar
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Jesse Keith Whitley doesn’t really care what Jason Isbell has to say.

Isbell, of course, was outspoken recently in criticizing the Grand Ole Opry’s decision to have Morgan Wallen onstage to sing his duet, “Flower Shops,” during Ernest’s appearance on the Opry stage.

But Jesse Keith doesn’t want to hear it.

In a post on his Instagram story, the singer/songwriter and son of the legendary Keith Whitley wrote:

“I wish Jason Isbell would shut the fuck up. You’re not a member of the Opry so your opinion about what or who goes on there.”

Whitley punctuated his post with Justin Moore and Brantley Gilbert’s duet, “More Middle Fingers.”


Safe to say we know where both guys stand now.

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