Ernest Surprises Singer At Tootsie’s In The Nashville Airport For Impromptu Duet Of “Flower Shops”

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One lesson for all those musicians playing the bar scene in Nashville: You never know when the artist whose song you’re singing is going to walk through the door.

That’s what happened to Dakota Striplin as he was playing in the Tootsie’s at Nashville International Airport.

Striplin was playing “Flower Shops,” the fan favorite that Ernest and Morgan Wallen dropped a couple weeks ago (and played on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry this past weekend).

And who was walking by? Well, Ernest himself.

After he heard his song coming from the bar, Ernest stopped by to surprise Striplin (and everybody at Tootsie’s getting plastered before their flight) with an impromptu duet.


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♬ Flower Shops (feat. Morgan Wallen) – ERNEST & Morgan Wallen

Nashville, man. You just don’t see this shit anywhere else.

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A beer bottle on a dock