Cody Cannon Sets The Record Straight On The Words Behind Whiskey Myers’ “Stone”

Whiskey Myers country music

Man, there’s something special about Whiskey Myers live.

Full throttle, face melting, loud and heavy… those fellas blow the roof off every damn time. But even way then slow it down, they still bring you to your knees.

We all know the song, and we all love it…

We’re talking about “Stone” off of their 2016 album Mud. It’s one of the most powerful country/southern rock songs you’ll ever hear, an anthem among the fans… an dif you see it in person, you’ll hear them screaming every single word.

With that being said, there’s apparently a bit of an issue with the words…

The band posted a live performance of them playing the song at Lava Cantina The Colony in The Colony, Texas, and Cannon admitted something crazy before he even kicked it off…

Apparently, the studio version of “Stone” has been wrong the whole time.

He admitted in the intro that he has a tendency to sing the wrong words when he’s in the studio, and he was there to set the record straight.

The studio album version intro starts:

“Well, the night is my companion”

In the true original version, the one he plays live, it’s:

“Well, the night is my prescription”

Companion, prescription, who cares… the song will still go down as one of my all time favorites, and to be honest, my guy could sing the words off a marquee sign and I’d listen.

That acoustic version just hits different though…

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