Tyler Childers & Colter Wall’s Duet Of “Fraulein” Is Criminally Underrated

Country music has always been built on a rich history of storytelling.

And right now, Tyler Childers and Colter Wall are two of the best at it.

I was listening to our Modern-Day Outlaws playlist last night, featuring hundreds and hundreds of songs… we’re talking real deal, traditional country music (sorry Indigo, we’ve been doin’ this for years), and this one came up on the shuffle. God bless shuffle by the way. So simple, so helpful.

Anyways, on Colter Wall’s debut, self-titled album in 2017, he teamed up with Tyler Childers for a cover of “Fraulein,” an old tune written way back in the ’50s.

Originally written by Lawton Williams, and first released in 1957 by Bobby Helms, “Fraulein” has been covered by everyone from Willie Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis, to Townes van Zandt.

And for my money, Tyler and Colter can hang with the best of them.

Also real quick, can we talk about redheads in country music? Willie Nelson, Reba, Tyler Childers, Colter Wall… if you got yourself some red hair, maybe try picking up a guitar.

The ginger power is REAL.

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