Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Was On ‘Good Morning America’ Today… And He Looked HAMMERED

Stetson bennett

Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett will go down as one of the most storybook quarterbacks in college football history.

From being a 5’11, 190 pound walk-on to defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship, a Georgia  native, and also including the guy that still uses a flip phone, the “Mailman” was destined to be a great story.

And when you come from zero to hero like this, you already know you’re gonna be partying ’til the sun comes up.

He kicked it off immediately after the W, lighting a nice stogie on the sideline, but his interview with Good Morning America this morning is any indication, these fellas did a lot more than smoke a few celebratory cigars…

And rightfully so.

No, the guy didn’t look hungover in the interview, he still looked HAMMERED.

Halfway falling asleep, he was asked by Michael Strahan if he had gotten any hours of sleep. He responded in a drunken daze:

“Yeah you know a few hours… Um, not many… Um, been wondering about, yeah no not many, Michael.”

He then went on a little mumbled rant about “betting on himself,” but needless to say, my guy was gone.

And ya know what?

Go ahead king, you’re a 2022 National Champion, leading your team to their first natty since 1980.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock