Whitey Morgan And The 78’s Cover Of “I’m On Fire” Is Still One Of The Best Out There

How the hell did I forget about this one?

I’ve been really digging our Modern Day Outlaws Playlist lately, (and once again, sorry to Spotify’s Indigo playlist, we’ve been cranking out playlists like this for years) and I came across this gem today.

I don’t know how I let this song slip through the cracks, but Whitey Morgan and the 78’s have an incredible cover of the Bruce Springsteen hit, “I’m On Fire.”

Originally, written and recorded by The Boss himself, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, “I’m On Fire” was the fourth single from his 1985 Born In The USA album.

Whitey’s version adds just enough twang to make you feel like you’re at the Double Deuce bar in Roadhouse, a perfect combination of their sound with Springsteen’s heartland rock sound.

And when I say perfect it, it’s a million times better than the original version.

The song comes from their inaugural 2008 Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels album, and it’s what we like to call a “certified twanger.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock