Drunk Pennsylvania Woman Gets Pulled Over With A Live Deer In The Trunk

A person standing in front of a car on a road at night

You don’t see that every day…

According to Fox News, a Pennsylvania woman was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, and when officers got to the car, they found quite the surprise in the trunk.

A live deer.

The woman told police that she hit the deer with her car and they thought it was dead so they put it in the drunk.

A male passenger got out and removed the deer, which was very much alive, from the trunk. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is assisting in the investigation, however, the injuries of the deer, if any, have not been determined.

The 19-year-old woman was arrested for DUI.

I mean, what a scene… at what point did they figure out the deer was alive, and what were they gonna do with it once they got to their destination.

And why is the dude carrying it out of the car instead of opening up the hatchback and letting it run out?

I have so many questions…

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