Tennessee Titans Plan To Pour In $600 Million In Upgrades To Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Hey Nashville…

There’s nothing like flying over the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge on a Byrd scooter while you’re slightly (only slightly, because yes you can get a DUI on them things) buzzed.

You’re a little grinny, and you look off in the distance and see the Cumberland River and that shithole Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans.

Ok, I wouldn’t say shithole… it’s really just meh as far as stadiums go, but the Titans are planning some major upgrades here soon.

And when I say major, I mean $600 million in upgrades.

According to Stadium Digest, they’re planning to spend $400 million on development of an entertainment district, very similar to Wrigleyville in Chicago, and the Battery in Atlanta.

The other $200 million will include an upgrade in the stadium that was built 23 years ago, with upgraded technology, upgraded social spaces, new lounges and concession options, and reconfigurations so that the stadium can hold events of all sizes.

$300 million will come from the team, with the other $300 million coming from bonds from the Metro Sports Authority.

Nashville mayor John Cooper weighed in on the new plans:

“There’s a whole lot of (investors with) capital that would like to come to Nashville and be part of the next great chapter of our city.

It’s quite something to be an international icon of investment.”

The renovations will take place over the next three years.

Should put a roof on it…

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