Tyler Childers Delivers Gritty Cover Of Willie Nelson’s “Time Of The Preacher”

It just doesn’t get better than Tyler Childers, does it?

A while back, Tyler stopped by The Blues Kitchen, a live music bar/venue across the pond in the UK, for a conversation and performance.

Prior to his cover of “Time Of The Preacher,” Tyler spent some time discussing his upbringing, his start in music, and his early exposure to the music of Willie Nelson.

“I was introduced to Willie Nelson’s music through my great uncle in Dayton, Ohio.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about boots, or guitars, or cameras, or doing interviews… if you’re talking about anything in this whole entire world, my uncle Dennis will find a way to bring that conversation round to the time he got to golf with Willie Nelson.

Written by Nelson himself, “Time Of The Preacher,” was the first track on his iconic Red Headed Stranger album in 1975.

Tyler’s introduction to that song in particular? Really simple…

“In a garage actually, a buddy of mine played it and I was like, ‘shit, I wanna play that.'”

He followed up his Willie Nelson cover with a performance of “Banded Clovis,” a cut from his now certified-Gold record, Purgatory.

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