Netflix Releases First Trailer For ‘Ozark’ Season 4… And It Looks INSANE

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney Ozark


We’ve been anticipating season four of Ozark for a hot minute now, and the wait is nearly over.

We’ve seen a couple teasers here and there, but today, Netflix dropped the official trailer Season Four, Part I, and it kicks off with the Byrde family discussing a deal with Omar Navarro and the FBI…

As always, things ain’t looking too hot for the Byrde family…

With Season 4 being the final season of the popular Netflix series, it will consist of 14 episodes, split into two parts. The first half, or Part I, will be hitting Netflix on January 21st.

The current cast will still be on the show, and we’ll be getting to know new character Adam Rothenberg, who plays cartel lieutenant Javi Elizonndro, and Julia Garner who plays private investigator Mel Sattem.

Hold onto your asses….

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