Jennifer Lawrence Says Miranda Lambert’s “Holding On To You” Is The One Song She’d Listen To For The Rest Of Her Life

It sounds like Jennifer Lawrence has some pretty good taste in music.

The actress appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, and during The Colbert Questionert segment, he asked her what song she would listen to if she could only pick one to hear for the rest of her life.

As someone who writes about music almost every single day, I know that’s a nearly impossible question to answer, but Jennifer is a BIG Miranda Lambert girl and picked a deep cut by the Texas native after going back and forth on which song it would be:

“I can’t answer that. How do you answer that? I think a Miranda Lambert song, probably.

Like, um, ‘Holding On To You’, Miranda Lambert.”

The track is actually deep cut from one of my favorite Miranda records, Platinum, that was released back in 2014.

“Holding On To You” was a co-write by Miranda with two of my other favorite ladies in Nashville, Jessi Alexander and Ashley Monroe.

It’s a mid-tempo, bluesy love song about how nothing Miranda has ever seen or done compares to the feeling of love she has for her man when they’re together.

If you’ve never heard the song before, it’s a fantastic deep cut well-worth checking out:

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