The Internet Is Dumbfounded After LSU Coach Brian Kelly Says He’s From Boston And They Don’t Have Strong Accents

Brian Kelly

What the fahk!?

LSU head football coach Brian Kelly has been quite the quote machine ever since he bailed on Notre Dame and hopped a plane down to the bayou.

Between his awkward 7am message to the Notre Dame players, the bizarre (fake) Southern accent that appeared when he landed in Baton Rouge, and his weird dancing to Garth Brooks when they secured top QB recruit Walker Howard, the internet has been roasting Coach Kelly left and right.

And the hilarious thing? He seems to pay attention.

While in the booth at the Texas Bowl (as his Tigers were getting their ass kicked by Kansas State), he addressed some of the internet jokes about him and once again, provided the internet with even more jokes.

Listen to his head-scratching defense of the fake Southern accent:

“Whether it was dancing, or I couldn’t get my accent down withy ‘family’… listen I’m from Boston, we don’t have strong accents.”

Again… what the fahk!?

Do you even know what Boston is? It arguably has the most recognizable accent in the entire country. I mean, I’m speechless…

Exhibit A:

Was he being sarcastic?

Because that might be the most poorly executed attempt at sarcasm that I’ve ever heard. Second only to… wait, Brian Kelly…

The man just can’t tell a fahkin’ joke apparently…

Needless to say, the rest of the internet was dumbfounded as well…

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