Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Nearly Gets Pancaked By A Load Of Eagles Fans After Stadium Railing Collapses

Jalen Hurts

There’s one thing for certain about the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles fans are some of the most crazed fans in the league.

Dubbed the “Iggles,” it’s no secret that the fanbase is incredibly passionate about their team. Hell, even the kids are passionate (recall Eli Manning getting double birds from a nine year old).

However, that passion almost resulted in their starting quarterback getting flattened worse than a pancake.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts led the Eagles to a crucial division win over the Washington Football Team, defeating them 20-16 after being down 16-7 for a lot of the game.

The win put them at 9-7 on the season, keeping their wildcard hopes alive.

When Hurts was existing the field in Washington D.C., a flock of Eagles fans gave him a rowdy standing ovation for his efforts.

However, when he got to the tunnel, he was swarmed by high fives, as fans reached over the edge to get a piece of the QB.

That’s when all hell broke loose… literally… as a piece of the railing collapsed, sending several Eagles fans over the edge, nearly crushing Hurts.

The good news is that it appears nobody got hurt, and a few lucky Philly fans got to take some pictures with Hurts before security got him outta there.

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