Antonio Brown Spotted Riding Around NYC, Drops New Rap Song, “Pit Not The Palace”

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has had quite the eventful afternoon..

Only a few hours removed from his wild exit from the Buccaneers vs. Jets game, where he ripped his jersey and shirt off and strutted out of the stadium, effectively quitting the team, it keeps getting even more wild.

We now know that Brown is no longer apart of the Buccaneers, according to head coach Bruce Arians, but our latest update?

A video has just surfaced of him cruising around in what was thought to an Uber, talking about his new rap song and a Netflix series.

In the video, which is actually not an Uber, but rather the car of New York City personal driver “Danny Boy Hustle Hard” (the personal driver of Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, Brooks Koepka and more), and AB is going on about his new rap single he just dropped, along with something along the lines of a new Netflix show.

It’s hard to make it out clearly, but it sounds like he says:

“Man listen, this is gonna make my Netflix series go higher.”

The song is titled “Pit Not The Palace.”

So, this leads me to the question…

Was his wild antics today all apart of a master plan to promote his rap and personal career? Did he just use the Bucs as a flex for another opportunity to make a scene all along?

I mean, from what we’ve seen so far from the guy, nothing surprises me anymore.

Then again, the man is borderline clinically insane so all of this talk about a Netflix show could be completely fabricated or… the wildest show on television.

Stay tuned… I’m SURE this ain’t over…

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