Queen’s Guard Goes Viral For Railroading Kid While On Patrol, Divides The Internet

Queen's Guard

Everybody knows the Queen’s Guard is famous for not moving while on patrol.

It’s hilarious to watch drunk tourists try and make them even crack a smile while they stand like statues at their post. Ninety nine times out of one hundred, you won’t succeed.

However, get in their way while they’re marching, and they just might run your ass over.

A kid recently found that out the hard way, and now, is the subject of a viral internet debate.

The video was initially shared on TikTok, and featured a Guardsmen trampling over a young boy while marching outside of the Tower of London.

You can hear the man shout “Make Way!” before stepping over the kid, who appeared to be completely unharmed, other than a bit frightened, after the incident. A Ministry of Defence spokesperson confirmed as such:

“The Guardsmen on duty warned members of the public that a patrol was approaching but the child unfortunately ran out in front of the soldier unexpectedly. The soldier tried to step over the child and continued on his duty.

Following the incident, the soldier checked on the child and was reassured that all was well.”

However, the whole ordeal has the internet wildly divided.

On the one hand, you have a group of people who think that the Queen’s Guard soldier was just doing his job and the kid should learn to get out of the way.

On the other, the kid clearly wasn’t a threat and there was no need to run him over.

The video has since been viewed nearly 6 million times.

You be the judge…

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