Remembering The Great John Madden With His Incredible Miller Lite Commercials From The ’80s

John Madden Miller Lite

Yesterday, we lost one of the greatest faces the football world has ever seen in John Madden at the age of 85.

For the rest of the existence of football, we’ll probably never get a more recognizable and likeable personality.

From his run as a head coach for the Oakland Raiders, going a staggering 103-72-7 as a coach, to becoming one of the best NFL broadcasting personalities the game has ever seen, and not to mention the incredible success his legendary EA Sports NFL video game, his name will forever be etched in football history.

As a coach, he was hard nosed but loved by all his players.

As a broadcaster, he had the rare skill of being able to simplify the game, making it enjoyable for viewers of all shapes and sizes, especially me. I’ll never forget him calling the first NFL game I ever watched as an eight-year-old kid, and how easy it was to understand what was going on with his broadcasting style.

The man had a number of memorable moments in his long-lasting life, so we’re here to relive those in honor of one of the best to ever do it.

The Miller Lite Commercials

Famous 1981 Miller Lite Commercial

1984 Miller Lite Commercial

1985 Miller Lite Commercial

1986 Miller Lite commercial with Mickey Spillane

And there’s more…

His legendary Appearance On Little Giants

Working The Telestrator

Drawing A Beard On Troy Aikman

John Madden And “The Bucket And The Baby Bucket”

Legendary Explanation Of The “Indoor Blimp”

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A beer bottle on a dock