New Survey Determines The NFL’s Most Miserable Fans, And Shocker… The Detroit Lions Are Topping The List

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Let’s be honest, every die-hard NFL football fan has something to cry about.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys constantly get their hopes and dreams crushed year in year out by not exceeding expectations, the Chicago Bears are STILL clinging on to their incredible 1985 Super Bowl run, and the New England Patriots are wondering what in the hell they’re gonna do now that Tom Brady and Gronk are gone.

And if you’re in Cleveland or Detroit, being miserable is just a way of life…

Every fanbase has something.

And as a Dallas Cowboys fan, this list that was released by Lineups is incredibly telling.

Lineups took a survey of about 2,000 NFL fans regarding which fanbase is most likely to get upset during a game.

Unfortunately, my Cowboys are first…


According to survey, 49% of folks polled said losing a game would make them cry, while 36% said they would cry tears of joy over a Super Bowl win. 17% said they’ve actually cried when their favorite player left the team, and 15% cried after losing to their rival.

And finally, a whopping 79% said it’s okay to cry over a team.

As far as the most miserable fanbases go, well, that’s no surprise…

The Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns, and the New York Jets are leading the pack.

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