Houston Rockets Forward Christian Wood Hits Woman In Face With Rogue Pass, Gives Her Free Courtside Tickets

Christian Wood Rockets

Gotta have that head on a swivel people…

Getting hit square between the eyes with a basketball is rough.

First you feel the pain, then your face going numb for a second, and then the split second incoherent feeling of not knowing where you’re at, and finally, the embarrassment of all your friends laughing at you for completely missing the basketball as you go get a tissue to clean up the blood coming from your nose.

And sometimes, it’s not just your friends… it’s an entire stadium full of people.

This was a harsh reality for one woman, who was heading back to her seat at a Houston Rockets vs. Charlotte Hornets game the other night.

Rockets forward Christian Wood went rogue with a pass to his teammate across the court, and ended up hitting a woman a couple rows back from courtside.

After the accident, you could see the shock and shame on Wood’s face, he clearly felt horrible about it.

Luckily enough, the woman appeared to be okay, and Wood made a classy move by giving her free tickets courtside to any Rockets game of her choice.

He said on an Instagram story post:

“Happens to the best of us, shaqtin… courtside tix to any rocket game of her choice”

It wasn’t the only low point of the night for the Rockets though, as they lost to the Hornets 123-99.

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