Karen Goes Ape Sh*t On Man For Eating Without A Mask On Flight, Slaps Him & Spits In His Face

Delta Airlines

The number of fights on airplanes have spiked by insane amounts, mainly over mask mandates, in the past two years, and this one might just be the most hilarious one yet.

Typically, these fights or arguments begin because a passenger gets angry at a flight attendant or fellow passenger for making them wear a mask.

However, this time, it was the mask wearer that did the fighting… but not before taking her own mask off (very strange, I know).

According to TMZ, a woman named Patricia Cornwall got angry at an older man for not wearing his mask while eating and drinking on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Yes, the woman with her mask down got mad at an old man for taking his down to eat.

And as Cornwall becomes unhinged and continues to berate the guy, he finally loses his cool and hilariously calls her a “Karen.” Even older folks are saying it now… hilarious.

But then, she then proceeds to smack him hard across the face. She also spits on him.

Needless to say, the Atlanta police were waiting for her at the airport to put her in cuffs and take her to  the big house.

I mean my God, the guy is simply trying to enjoy his food and drink in peace, and Karen Cornwall decides to go out of her way and make him miserable, make the flight crew miserable, and everybody else on board… all while talking to him WITH HER OWN MASK DOWN!?

And spitting on him? If you’re so worried about germs, why the hell are you spitting on people?

You can’t even make this up… the hypocrisy of some people is just mind boggling.

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