Dude Rigs Up Motorized Christmas Mannequin That Swings From His Roof, Gets The Fire Department Called On Him

A firetruck and a fireman on a ladder

The perfect Christmas prank doesn’t exi…

We all know and love the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie.

And one of the most iconic scenes in the movie (Even though they’re all hilarious), is when Clark Griswold nearly falls off the roof, and is hanging onto the gutter for dear life.

One guy thought it would be a hilarious idea to recreate the scene at his own home in Oceanport, New Jersey.

However, he didn’t use a real person…

The man took a Michael Myers mannequin he used for Halloween, and put a motor on the inside of the legs to make them swing back and forth, as well as a recording of somebody screaming “HELP.”

He hung the mannequin from his roof, and let it run.

Needless to say, it’s absolutely insane how real this looks. Imagine walking your dog or something when you see a dude hanging onto his roof for dear life, screaming for help at the top of his lungs…

Just to find out it’s not a real person at all.

Perhaps the funniest part of the clip is the end, when the fire department showed up to the home to save the “guy.” You can see the confusion on all of the firemens’ faces.

Don’t try this at home, folks… Karen from the Homeowner’s Association might try to get yer ass locked up.

New Jersey Home Rigs Up “Killer Christmas” Display

One New Jersey household seemingly mixed Halloween with Christmas this year, erecting what they called a “Killer Christmas” display.

According to New York Post, the homeowner, Kris Campbell, wanted to take a page out of the Tim Burton playbook:

“The last few years, we’ve done the typical Christmas thing. … I always wanted to do something a little bit darker, like a nightmare before Christmas.”

His wife was less than thrilled, but could at least appreciate the effort:

“He’s very creative and I’m happy that he did it. I don’t love it but I can see all the hard work and effort.”

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