Amazon Driver Hailed A Hero After Rescuing Woman From Dog Attack

Amazon driver

Not all heroes wear capes…

According to FOX 5 Las Vegas, a woman was casually about to make her way into her home, when out of nowhere, a stray dog attacked he and her pup.

The instance was all caught on her Ring doorbell, and you can see here struggling to get past the dog, who continuously bit and jumped at her.

The woman, named Lauren Ray, could’ve been in some serious danger, however, one heroic Amazon worker stepped in, got between her and the dog, and she was able to get to safety.

In perfect timing, Stephanie Lontz was delivering an Amazon package to the Ray’s doorstep.

She discussed why she did what she did. In tears, she said:

“The screams made me think of my own child. Um, I would only hope that someone would jump in and help her if she was in the same situation. I wouldn’t even think it’s motherly, it’s the human thing to do.”

But this isn’t the only instance… as it turns out, her route is sees its fair share of issues:

Two days prior I had been bit by a dog. Two days before that I saved a baby who wasn’t even two years old yet locked in the house, I mean we really do go through a lot and we’re there, when other people aren’t. And sometime it’s not even recognized.

I have a coworker who put out a fire in a backyard the other day. It’s just we’re really there, sometimes when nobody’s there.”

Shoutout to Stephanie, she’s the real MVP.

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