VIDEO: Woman Gets Caught In The Middle Of Fight Between Packers And Ravens Fans

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We’ve seen an endless amount of brawls occur at NFL games this year.. it’s ridiculous.

Seriously, it feels like every week we have a few fans going absolutely berserk on each other, whether it’s in the stands, in the beer line, in the parking lot… it’s anarchy.

And here we are again…

The Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens have some of the more die hard fans in the league. Plus, with the amount of beer those folks up in Green Bay like to drink, you know the hands are fixing to fly.

However, this one got bad real quick.

In this melee at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium, you see a Cheesehead fan throw a punch, next thing you know it turns into an all out dogpile after a dude came flying in like a bat outta hell, with an innocent bystander woman getting caught in the middle.

Security eventually arrived to the scene, but most of the damage had been done by then.

Here’s another angle:

You really hate to see something like this. I’m a fan of some entertainment like this every now and then, but you hate to see an innocent woman get caught up in a fight between

Plus… you hear that Florida Georgia Line playing in the background?

That’s enough to make anybody want to punch someone…

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A beer bottle on a dock