VIDEO: A Whitetail And A Mule Deer Buck Get Their Antlers Tangled In Fight To The Death

Deer outdoors

Ain’t nothing quite like the rut.

Horned up bucks with two things on their mind: Fightin’ and fuckin’.

What can you say, survival of the fittest.

However, it’s pretty rare to see a couple of bucks, especially different kinds, get tangled up in each other’s antlers.

According to Meat Eater, Saskatchewan (Canada) conservation officers got a strange call from a local hunter a couple of months back, stating that he noticed two bucks who had gotten their antlers tangled up.

The officers got to the scene, with one of them slowly creeping up on the whitetail and mule bucks.

You can see one the mule hopping around trying his best to get untangled, with the other lying helplessly.

The officer was able to successfully separate the two, and the mule sprinted off into the distance.

However, the whitetail ended up passing away due to extreme exhaustion.

“Chalk this up to something you don’t see every day! It is rare enough to see two locked deer, let alone different species! The rut is on strong in the Watrous area and this mule deer and whitetail decided to tango, resulting in their antlers getting locked.

A hunter stumbled across these two and called the local conservation officer who responded to assist. Once it was safe, the officer was able to approach and saw off a portion of antler, freeing the two deer.

Great work by our officer! It goes without saying that you should not attempt this yourself, and to call your local conservation officer.”

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