Nothing Says Christmas Like Scaring The Sh*t Outta Your Kids With A Surprise “Grinch Photoshoot”

Don’t lie…

For all you ’90s kids out there, how mortifying was Jim Carey’s live action Grinch character?

I’ll be honest, I remember watching that movie for the first time with my parents, and being so scared that I jumped behind the couch and hid every time he popped up on the screen.

So I can imagine how terrifying that would be for these kids who have a dude in a Grinch costume sneak up on them…

Especially the young ones who don’t know what the damn hell that “thing” is.

With that being said, I give you the infamous “Grinch compilation.”

First off, these parents are some sick individuals for putting their kids through this… a Christmas photoshoot with the Grinch sneaking up on them at the end. It’s just diabolical.

However, the absolute horror on these kids faces make for some great comedy.

Especially the one kid who tries to throw hands with the Grinch before fleeing in terror.

Absolute GOLD

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