Cody Jinks Smokes Some Sandhill Cranes And Ducks With Southern Wing Shooters

Cody Jinks Country Music
Tyler Stubblefield

Cody Jinks may be one of the most interesting people on this planet.

One of the best country music artists in the business, he released a metal album this year as well, and even starting his own label, the man has stayed true to himself, and never conformed to the Nashville country music machine.

Not to mention, the dude can put a hurtin’ on some ducks too.

Cody recently went hunting with Southern Wing Shooters, a hunting outfitter group that guides hunts in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, to hunt some sandhill cranes.

Currently the most common crane in world, sandhill cranes are considered one of the best tasting of all migratory birds. And while they were at one time threatened with extinction in the early 1900s, the species made a massive recovery, with the Eastern population of sandhill cranes consisting of a current minimum population of 87,000.

Needless to say, it was a successful trip for Cody and the boys.

Jinks himself racked up a ton of cranes and ducks, something he says he’s been wanting to hunt for a year.

He showed off his successful hunting trip via Instagram:

“Such an awesome weekend with Southern Wing Shooters they put us on some sand hill cranes (something I’ve wanted to hunt for a year) & some ducks! Great weekend with the boys.”

Yeah… I’d say it was successful.

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