Charles Wesley Godwin Covering Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses” Is Country Music Perfection

Is Charles Wesley Godwin legit or is Charles Wesley Godwin legit?

We’ve been talking about him nonstop since his album How The Mighty Fall blew us completely away this year and he opened on Zach Bryan’s first headlining tour, but the more you listen the more you’re just sucked in by his voice, lyrics and soul.

And if you’re not familiar with his previous album, Seneca, go ahead and spin that one ASAP.

After he posted an acoustic video of an unreleased song, I started doing some digging to see if there were some other acoustic gems out there and oh boy, was I not disappointed.

Turns out, he’s posted an acoustic video of almost all of his songs, which I’ll be listening to non-stop starting right about now, but also a few covers which show his range of music influences. There’s Townes Van Zandt, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, The Steeldrivers, Ward David and quite a few artists with whom I’m not familiar, but the one that jumped out to me was Randy Travis.

On New Years Day, 2020, Charles posted a phenomenal cover of Randy’s famous song “Three Wooden Crosses” and it’s as awesome as you’d imagine.

Although Charles is still a far way from Randy’s status, he’s on a hell of a path towards something legendary of his own.

And give his conversation on the Whiskey Riff Podcast a listen.

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