Ohio Man Chases Down & Ragdolls Thief Who Snatched 87-Year-Old Woman’s Purse At Local Kroger

Picked the wrong old lady to rob.

With the amount of security cameras these days, purse snatching seems like an out-of-date crime. I mean, what are you really gonna score? A few bucks, some hard candies, a pen, and maybe a credit card that, thanks to today’s technology, can be canceled in five minutes?

Unfortunately though, there are still a number of scumbags out there who have the nerve to steal from sweet old ladies.

That’s just the reality.

Yet every so often, to combat those evil people, there’s a handful of incredible individuals who are willing to risk their own safety to help those who fall victim to these kinds of awful deeds.

Let me introduce to Deshawn Pressley, a resident of Lemon Township in Ohio.

According to WLWT, Pressley witnessed some asshole snatch 87-year-old Pat Goins’ purse outside of a Kroger grocery store.

He then proceeded to chase down the culprit, tackle him, and then restrain him until law enforcement came.

Pressley recalled the split second decision:

“Hearing her voice screaming and her being scared, I just knew I had to do something.”

Goins also discussed the heroic act, and showed her respect:

“He had him on the ground, and had his knee on him.”

She said she also laid into the thief, named Derrick Vaughn:

“I think I was a little hurt that he would do that. I pointed at him and said, ‘If you needed something, all you had to do was ask.'”

Vaughn was taken to jail and faces felony charges of robbery and theft, and is locked up on $55,000 bond.

Hopefully that will keep the POS off the streets for a long, long time.

Shoutout to Pressley, not too many people would be wiling to do what you did.

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