Drunk Umpire Flips Off Fans, Screams At Players… Has To Be Forcibly Removed From The Game

A baseball player prepares to swing a bat

Talk about a meltdown.

In the MLB, you have a couple of asshole umpires.

Joe West and Angel Hernandez are the first that come to mind. They’re historically awful, power tripping, and they love to stir up controversy. However, the worst retaliation you’ll see from the two is maybe a slight stare down or a they’re a little quick on the ejection button.

And then you have this guy, who got obliterated on the field at a Mexican Pacific League baseball game, between the Mazatlan Deers and Navojoa Mayos.

The umpire, named Humberto “Lobito” Saiz, a league icon, can be seen in video, quite obviously drunk off his ass.

He has a hard time standing up, and you can see him flicking off the crowd, and shouting obscenities.

That’s when an official makes his way onto the field, telling Saiz that he must go because he physically can’t call a game in the state he is in. Believe it or not, you can umpire a baseball game when you’re black out drunk… even in Mexico.

At first, Saiz appears happy to see the guy, as they exchange a couple hugs (the most obvious sign that a grown man is drunk). However, it got ugly quick, and it looked like he was ready to deliver a right cross. A security guard eventually comes onto the field, and Saiz was escorted out of the stadium.

Talk about a hell of a show. I think MLB umpires should do this more often. That’s high quality entertainment.

The league released a statement, saying:

“It has been decided indefinitely to separate from the umpire who starred in this unfortunate event.”

He gone…

The alternate angle…

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