Australian Cricket Fan Downs Four Beers On His Way To His Seat, Crowd Goes WILD

Alright, catch me at a cricket game sometime soon.

I swear every time I watch a video from a European soccer game, a rugby game down under, or even a cricket match, it looks absolutely buck wild.

From the chants, to fights, getting rip shit hammered drunk, and everything in between, it looks like a rowdy time.

In Australia, it’s tradition for cricket fans who are making their way back to their seats with beer to chug (or skull, as they say down under) their beer if they’re called out.

This tradition is particularly well known in Adelaide, South Australia, where it appears you can’t make it 10 feet before getting called out by fans to chug your beer.

This particular cricket fan had a tall task ahead of him, as he was called out while carrying four beers. Now we aren’t talking about a ginormous dude who looks like he can pound beers like it’s water.

However, this dude knew the assignment.

When he was called out, he chugged the first two beers like it was nothing. He then teased the fans for a little, and proceeded to down the other two. Next thing you know, he gets swarmed by tons of other fans, and they go absolutely ape shit for the guy.

SHEESH, this is hype.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock