Dolly Parton Captures Three Guinness World Records In 2021

Dolly Parton Country Music

If Dolly Parton hadn’t already made her case for TIME Person of the Year, how about now?

She added three Guinness World Records to her already impressive resume this year.

According to Billboard, Parton now holds the record for most decades on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist with 7. The most No. 1 hits on that chart by a female artist with 25, and she broke her own record for the most hits on the that chart by a female artist with a whopping 109.

“Well, I feel like a bird that wants to fly away… Actually, getting the first one was an amazing thing to me and I thought just to be in the Guinness Book of World Records one time would be great.

And now that I’ve got all this going it’s an amazing feeling. I’m very honored, very proud and I’ve had a lot of people helping to get me here, so thanks to all of you and all of them for helping me have all this!”

Dolly also weighed in on her new collaboration with Reba McEntire:

“Reba and I’ve been friends for years and I don’t know why we’ve never done it. We’ve worked together so much and we’ve always said, ‘We gotta do something together.’

But usually we were talking about doing a movie or something like that… that’s one of the things I’m proudest of. I think it turned out really well.”

Dolly Parton ladies and gentleman… the one and only.

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