10 Conway Twitty Albums Have Been Added To Streaming Services

Michael Levin/Corbis via Getty Images

Conway Twitty released 65 studio albums over his legendary career, but not all of those albums have yet been made available digitally.

After his death in 1993, Conway’s estate was involved in a long, convoluted legal battle between his family and business executors. This has continued to cause problems through today, as seen by the large number of albums and songs still unavailable for fans to listen to outside of owning an original, physical vinyl copy.

A few years back, his estate and Universal Music Group finally agreed to re-release 10 albums per year until the entire catalogue of songs and albums is digitized. This was the 4th year of the agreement and there are still 16 yet to be released.

The batch of 10 albums contains a total of 100 songs, including hits like “Touch The Hand,” “Play Guitar Play,” and “I May Never Get To Heaven”.

It’s pretty crazy to me how much control people who weren’t involved with creating and popularizing the music have over where it’s allowed be and when it can be there, but that’s just the dirty nature of the business.

Things look to be changing a bit, lead by Taylor Swift and her re-recordings, but there’s still a long way to go to have the system make sense for the artists and fans, not just the suits in some office.

For real though…

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