Ray Fulcher Pulls Off Epic End-Of-Tour Prank On Luke Combs, Dresses Up As Eric Church For “Does To Me”

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It’s pretty customary for artists to pull pranks on each other on tour, and especially to do so at the end of a big tour for one last good laugh. After months out on the road together, everybody gets pretty close, and we’ve seen some pretty damn good ones over the years.

Recently, Runaway June scared the shit out of Luke Bryan for their end of tour prank by staging an all-out cat fight during a cover of Tim McGraw’s “Down On The Farm” on stage in front of thousands of people, and it was hilarious.

But today, we might have the best one yet.

Ray Fulcher, who’s a friend and frequent co-writer of Luke Combs and has been an opener alongside Ashley McBryde on their fall tour, came out dressed up as Eric Church to sing his part in Luke’s hit “Does To Me”.

It’s uncanny how much he actually looks like Eric… from getting the salt and pepper hair perfectly quaffed, to Chief’s signature American flag scarf, aviator sunglasses, and all-black attire… he absolutely nailed it.

Ray even had all of Eric’s on-stage mannerisms down pat, too, and Luke was absolutely loving every second of it.

I guess if you can’t have your musical hero on stage with you singing every night, the next best thing is to get your friend to dress up and play the part.

The song was written by Luke and Ray Fulcher, along with Tyler Reeve, and was also Luke’s eighth straight #1 last year.

I think Ray has his Halloween costume ready to go for next year… this is incredible:

“Does To Me”

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