College Football Insider Recalls Hilarious Story About How Much Coaches Hated Urban Meyer: “Everyone Hates That Motherf*cker”

Urban Meyer
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Everybody and their brother, except for the number of Jacksonville Jaguars fans who were clinging to hope, believed that Urban Meyer would be a train wreck as an NFL head coach.

However, nobody could’ve foreseen the absolute pandemonium that went down with him this year.

I mean seriously, this is a storyline you’d see out of a movie.

From the verbal, and occasional physical, abuse of players and assistant coaches, to getting caught with a girl grinding on him at a bar, it genuinely felt like there was some new kind of controversy surrounding the guy every week.

After the controversy Meyer faced at Florida and Ohio State, college football and football fans in general alike had an idea that he may not be the best guy, and after this old Brett McMurphy interview resurfaced, it appears he wasn’t well liked among college coaches either…

Actually, he may have been hated.

Back in 2015, reporter Brett McMurphy used to do weekly questions for SportsCenter by surveying every FBS head coach, and the answers would be completely anonymous.

One of those questions were:

“If you were at the coaches convention and a fight broke out, what coach would you want by your side?”

The typical response was coaches who looked like they could whoop some ass.

However, one response was about Urban Meyer, who was coaching at Ohio State at the time, and little did this anonymous coach know how telling this would be for the future.

He said:

“Urban Meyer.”

When McMurphy asked him why he would pick Meyer, because ya know he’s not the biggest guy, he responded:

“Because everyone hates that motherf*cker and they would be punching him in the face so much, nobody would lay a hand on me.”


Welp, good riddance.

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